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Konik na biegunach


Anna Matak

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Anna Matak - owner, director of the nursery, baby-sitter

I am a state registered nurse and a certified educationalist (University of Wrocław). I have a certificate for first aid and a valid health certificate. At present I raise my qualifications at various coursers and symposiums. I have experience in work with children in the hospital air-passage ward. I have a long experience as a manager of human resources. Education of children has been my hobby and a favourite activity for a long time. I am also a mother of two daughters.

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Patrycja Pawlak

Patrycja Pawlak

Patrycja Pawlak - babysitter

I am a graduate of general secondary school. Now I have extramural study counseling and psyco-pedagogical help at the University of Wrocław. For as long as I can remember, I have associated my future with working with the youngest. I like children and I have good contact with them, they bring a lot of joy to my life. I have one year of experience working with children up to 3 years old and a little older. In nursery Konik na biegunach has been working since July 2020.


Miła Mooss – Ukleja

Miła Mooss – Ukleja

Miła Mooss – Ukleja - babysitter 
I am graduated of the Pre-school Education Center, major in pre-school education.

For 30 years I have been working with children in educational institutions and individually. Since May 2019. I have been looking after children in the "Konik na biegunach" nursery.

I conduct art classes, speech therapy, Memo classes in Montessori pedagogy. I initiated five senses games in which touch is an important element of anti-stress activities in games with a small child. In art classes in graphomotorics, children train hand-eye-hand coordination, practice precision and perfect manual hand exercises, shape the imagination, and practice fine motor skills that develop motor skills. The exercises help you prepare to learn to write and draw words more precisely. I initiated the "Little Theater" theater education. The child is introduced to the world of magic, art, fairy tales, shapes and enriches the imagination, story-telling, polite forms.

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Joanna Mijalska

Joanna MijalskaJoanna Mijalska - babysitter

I have a teenage daughter with whom I get along very well. I have secondary education. I finished the course of babysitting and first aid. I am a cheerful person with a great sense of humor. My boss says I have a talent for cabaret. There is something about it. I can also listen to others. I like work with children. Honest conversation and appropriate attention are, in my opinion, the basis of good relations with all people. Everyone needs it. I like animals. I have a dog and a cat at home. Without the animals, the house would be empty.


Sandra Juszczyk

Sandra JuszczykSandra Juszczyk – babysitter

I am a graduate of the Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences in the field of human nutrition and dietetics. I love composing menus and cooking! I have been working in the "Konik na biegunach" nursery since May 2019. Before that, I had a one-year internship in another nursery. I really like children. I am fascinated by how they grow up and develop. I am characterized by a lot of emotion, warmth and great patience. I try to approach each baby individually. I closely observe children, I notice hidden talents and react quickly when something happens. Conversation - what I consider to be crucial when working with children. I want the little ones to come to our nursery with great joy.