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Aleksandra Pieniek
Aleksandra Pieniek

Aleksandra Pieniak - physiotherapist, sensory integration therapist, dogotherapist and early childhood teacher

I am a Master of Physiotherapy, I graduated from the University of Physiotherapy in Wrocław and the Lower Silesian Pedagogical School in Wrocław, graduating from Early School and Pre-School Pedagogy.

I took an active part in Scientific Conferences, including "May of young Physioterapii" with his research work entitled "Influence of Hippotherapy on static and dynamic balance in children with downa syndrome" and in the "Days of Physiotherapy" Conference at the Academy of Physical Education in Wrocław with the work entitled "The study of the equilibrium on the static-dynamic parapodium in people with neurological diseases". I wrote articles for the Medical Calendar "Vademecum Nurses and Midwives" on the subject of hippotherapy and dog therapy.

I deepen my knowledge all the time by training at numerous courses and conferences: Shantala massage Course "The art of running an active childbirth school" by the Rodzić Po Human Foundation, Course "Acupressure and massage in the care of a pregnant woman, during childbirth and postpartum" by the Parents Human Foundation, course on McKenzie methods A, B and C, Kinesiology Taping Basic Course o Nordic Walking instructor, Certificate of Dogotherapist, Certificate of the Senosoric Integration Therapist, Beginning of the PNF - Prorioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation course (neuromuscular priming).

At work, I am primarily guided by the good of the patient and I try to put all my strength to help him regain physical fitness. Working with children gives me joy and satisfaction and my passions, apart from Physiotherapy, are traveling and animals, especially horses and dogs, which is why, combining my love for animals and work, I also became a dog therapist. The dog has always been very close to me, I am inspired by his psyche and character. They are animals with big hearts. When I observe my dog ​​during dog therapy classes, I am moved by his unusual approach to children. It is with great love and joy that the child stroking him is watched, how patiently he lies when the child hugs him and lies down with him, plays with him and obeys his orders. There are sparks of great happiness in the eyes of the dog and the child. Both children and dogs need mutual warmth, affection and play. As scientists have proven, an adult dog is similar in age to a pre-school child and perhaps that is why they can communicate so well, unlike adults. Animals love immensely, they are excellent listeners and friends for exercise and play. Classes with them provide a lot of positive emotions for children and adults, and I am glad that together with my four-legged friends, who are therapeutic dogs, we can help others.

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