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Konik na biegunach

Music lessons

Mateusz Kwapień

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I graduated from the Wrocław Music Academy. I have been an active musician for 15 years. For 9 years, however, I have been conducting music classes in kindergartens and nurseries.
In my work, I focus on teaching children through play. I try to make movement an integral part of the class. I usually play three instruments: piano, accordion and guitar, and of course I sing. I make sure that the music is used for joint celebrations - so we learn thematic songs together, i.e. for mother's, father's day, holidays, or seasons. We create age-adapted rhythmic patterns by performing them on drums. The songs sung, however, refer to important values, e.g. sharing, having fun, using polite phrases, and respect for the elderly. We play with onomatopoeia, imitating the sounds of nature. The fun of older generations is also familiar to us: "Old bear", "It went maiden for herbs", "Dachshunds" or "Angular circles". I also regularly perform classical works so that when the children close their eyes they can activate their musical imagination. Every class includes contemporary songs "Baby shark" or "Oj lisku, lisku". I try to introduce a lot of elements of English during our meetings.

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Katarzyna Rosochowicz


A graduate of Rhythmics with Piano at the Secondary Music School in Poznań and the Academy of Theater Practices in Gardzienice, Lublin. Experience in working with children 8 years. In nursery Konik na biegunach I am working in the nursery for a year.

Working with children is her passion and she is constantly developing in it. She is fascinated by working with children, especially at this age, when movement and musicality are even ahead of them and are the introduction to the verbal stage.

Classes are a music and movement space in which the child develops not only through contact with a live instrument and live sound, but also tries to combine sound with movement and vice versa. He remains in the energy of movement and joy, giving himself completely to it. The great thing is that children are teaching how to work with people more broadly and what I learn from them I can apply to adult activities as well. In addition, these are classes in which stimulation with music is intertwined with relaxation and teaches you to balance these two spaces, play together and enjoy contact with peers.