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Learning through fun: – KLANZA


For physical, relaxation, therapeutical activities – in  a play room and outside

A scarf is very useful for playing with children in all conditions. It offers safe fun, integration of the group regardless of the age of participants. It facilitates stimulation of imagination, opportunity to train reflex, nimbleness and perceptiveness, it makes possible dynamic as well as static games; also drawing joy from movement and action within the group. Animation scarf, colourful parachute, Klanza scarf – there are many names of this popular game and movement aid. Taking advantage of just a  piece of colourful cloth we can organize a fantastic game for children. The scarf can be used during various static and dynamic activities. Below we present a few suggestions of already tested games with an animation scarf.

Storm on the see
The simplest game is performed just by moving the scarf spontaneously. Energy which is put by children in this activity causes fantastic visual effect of a rough see. This game relieves energy of the group and it is a good idea for commencing activity.

Rhythmical moving the scarf up and down fosters co-operation within the group

Each child stands at a specific colour. We move the scarf up and down. At some point the teacher calls one of the colours. The child standing at this colour has to run under the scarf to the other side of it. The game may be facilitated by calling a few colours simultaneously.  The teacher may also point out children to exchange places, for example, only those who like cinema, who have a red part of clothes on, all girls, boys, etc.

Flying parachute
Children move the scarf up and down rhythmically. After a signal given by the teacher – the best is to count to three – children let go of the scarf. If it is done simultaneously, the scarf will fly high up. It is worth of trying a couple of times – training makes perfect.

Boat on the see
We throw a ball on the scarf. The participants of the game have to move the scarf in such a way, so as to prevent the ball-boat from falling out of the scarf.

Boat to the harbour
Children train co-operation trying to hit with a ball the target, which is a hole in the center of the scarf.

Colourful story
The scarf lies on the ground. The teacher tells a made up story, which mentions colours displayed on the scarf. Children have to stand on the colours they hear. The teacher may call a few colours simultaneously, for example, red and yellow tulip.

Colourful twister
A game similar to „Colourful story”. Children touch a colour with a part of their body pronounced by the teacher, for example, right hand on green, nose on orange.

Colourful flower, quicksands
Participants of the game hold the scarf by the handles so that the center of the scarf is placed on the floor. The teacher chooses a volunteer who sits cross-legged in the middle.  Other participants make a few steps to the center making the scarf loose.