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JULY and AUGUST 2020

Art classes - painting with paints and glitter. There was a lot of fun and joy and beautiful works were created.

Classes with the use of kinetic sand. The children developed their manual skills, practiced the ability to focus and eye-hand coordination. At the same time, of course, a lot of fun and laughter. Art classes - painting with paints. Art classes. Together, the children created a picture of a tree, each contributed a brick in the form of a colorful, hand-painted apple.

Listening exercises "What can I hear?". The little ones learned the sounds of various animals using the boards. Learning combined with movement exercises. The children could develop their concentration and reflex skills.


JUNE 2020

 Children's Day. We celebrated the Day of our most wonderful children. There were smiley faces, balloon animals created by Aunt Marta and lots of fun. :)

Manual exercises - origami, folding animals. Playing with the clans' scarf with aunt Ania - learning about colors, practicing cooperation, dexterity, agility, developing manual skills and group integration. One scarf, so many benefits and fun. :)

Dad's Day - performing art work, coloring laurels.


MAY 2020


Playing in the garden - getting to know nature, close contact with nature.

Building and folding a paper house. Mother's Day - making art works, wonderful decorations for mothers. Art classes. Spring was the leitmotif of the creation of the works.


MARCH 2020


Playing in the garden - getting to know nature, close contact with nature.

Building and folding a paper house. Artistic games and theater.

Poems and songs.




Theatre "Cinderella" by the Brothers Grimm theatrical education introducing children to the world of magic, art, witchcraft, learning new words: theater, actor, stage, art, distinguishing between good and evil, developing speech narrative, the ability to behave properly.

Movement games with the Klanza scarf. Learning colors,Imitation games eg "children go the same way" child in these.In games, he engages with his whole self, competes, and improves his own body, integrates with the group. Speech therapy games - speech therapy prophylaxis. Language gymnastics (smacking, kissing, drinking milk from a bowl, licking lips,touching the nose with the tongue). Shaping the correct respiratory track, extending the expiratory phase, improving the motor skills of the apparatus articulation (lips, tongue, mandible), obtaining the correct one articulation of individual sounds.