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Theater: "Na Pomoc" Learning emergency number 112, skill coping with difficult situations and emergencies, developing narrative speech, language enrichment, focus.

Speech classes and speech therapy prophylaxis. In the classroom conducted are exercises aimed at the motor skills of the articulation apparatus (lips, jaws, tongue).

Art classes "Colorful Butterflies", introducing new material plastic colored tissue paper, shaping imagination and creativity.

Busy art: "Rattling instrument" sensory games, sorting, pouring, playing. Perfect shaping fun at the same time a story-telling. Playing with the ball physical development of a small child:

Throwing balls into the basket, gymnastics classes concerning, physical and visual coordination fun: "Jumping over the rope", "Catching the ball", "Rolling the ball in stepping opposite each other ".

Speech classes: Speech therapy games aimed at developing phonemic hearing, obtaining correct articulation individual sounds "What made the sound" fun.

Art classes "Sticks" Simple sensory game, start-up all senses, group work, focus.